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Congratulations on your engagement and impending nuptials. There will be a lot to organise for the big day and one of the biggest things you need to organise is the date for your wedding. Your save the dates and other stationery need to pop! The most exciting parts of the wedding have been booked or outlined and your colour scheme has been chosen. You’ve got the ring and now you get to choose your UK wedding invites which are going to say to the world the type of wedding you’re about to have. You don’t have to have a huge budget to throw an amazingly elegant wedding, never forget that. You can have the most beautiful invitations and there are many kinds of invitations to consider for your day.

Engraved wedding invitations are the most formal and sophisticated types of wedding invitation and they always stimulate a vision of elegance and

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wealth. Budgets are generally no constraint when it comes to engraved invites as they can be quite expensive but that doesn’t mean there aren’t companies out there that are more cost effective. For a more elegant look, handmade bespoke wedding invites are an absolute winner as are handwritten invites: these are classic and simply graceful. Did you know you can get handwritten invitations done by professional calligraphers? Or if you’re on more of a budget for your wedding, you can learn to write calligraphy yourself and write them yourself at home. That can cut a budget right down to the bone and your invitations can still be beautiful and look expensive even if they’re not.

You can sort out your order of service template online and these can be, as above, engraved or handwritten. Engraved order of services are part of the expensive crowd and can be impressive and used later in frames as souvenirs or keepsakes from your big day. Handwritten order of service templates are again not really for formal weddings, but are personal and more intimate for a wedding. Framing these afterwards in open frames alongside the wedding invitation can be the ultimate keepsake for either parents or just to keep yourselves. The biggest day of your life can be the most stressful but it doesn’t have to be if you delegate. Every bride wants to do everything themselves but whatever your budget, it doesn’t mean you have to look after everything yourself. For the wealthier couples, allowing a company to both design and create your invitation can really take the strain out of that part of organising a wedding. For those who aren’t able to pay a company to do the entire process for them, delegating jobs to those trusty bridesmaids of yours can again, take the strain from you. Why think about the wedding invitations if you don’t have to? Ask for help where you can and allow others to help if they offer. W

hy be a stressed bride if you have amazing friends and family who want to help? And don’t forget! Send out your invites with plenty of time to spare so you get your RSVP back early enough to arrange your seating plans and inform your venue!