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The trouble with mirrors is that they are brutally honest and some people go so far as to cover them up so that they don’t have to see their reflections and that is not fun. It doesn’t matter what you look like you should never allow the mirror to tell you that you are anything less than absolutely perfect! Mirrors tend to be not only in the bathroom but on hallway walls, bedroom dressing tables and usually you can find antique mirrors in the living room above a mantelpiece. Everyone out there who is anyone and who has a bathroom uses a mirror. Even the small bendy mirrors on the back of a spoon are used to check eye make up on a regular basis and if you’re into interior design you will know how important it is to have mirrors in the house. Mirrors create an illusion of space and light that may not have been there before. They allow rooms to look bigger than they are and if you’re into Google then you can find a decorative mirrors online which can then add a little embellishment and pizzazz to your home.


When you decorate your home adding mirrors through the house can reflect your intent to add space and light and choosing the right mirrors for each room can be rather difficult. Your mirror in your bathroom should never be too big, enough for viewing head and shoulders. The mirror in the bedroom is usually a floor length mirror so as to critique outfits before a night on the town but no matter which sized mirror you look in, you should make sure you look. Mirrors feature in all of our lives everywhere you go and before you can love the person in the mirror you have to love yourself. Yes, your mirrors reflect you but if you have zero self-confidence then that is what will shine. Roald Dahl once wrote that “if people had lovely thoughts they would shine out of their faces like sunbeams” and that is true! Being happy, self-confident and true to yourself will radiate. Dress in whatever makes you happy. Dance like no one is watching and make sure you watch yourself in the mirror while you do it because you certainly will be laughing then. There is only ever going to be one of you and your DNA is yours alone, you should study yourself in the mirror and also make sure that the mirrors you pick are appropriate for the room that they are chosen for. Bathroom cabinets tend to have mirrors as the doors so as to hide the usual medicine cabinet that is found behind them.

Living room mirrors always tend to have flowers nearby and reflecting any plant life or flowers in your home can actually make it look more nature-friendly and beautiful. Mirrored photo frames can have the added bonus of making little lights bounce around the room; incredibly pretty!