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Top 5 Wedding Invitation Tips

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Blog |

Choosing your wedding invitations can be a difficult task because your wedding day is a day you have been dreaming about since forever. It’s exciting and organising your wedding invitations can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t organised a wedding or anything as big as a wedding before. Taking steps to making your wedding invites beautiful needs structure so in this article we’ve put together some helpful tips for you to do the best for your day.


  • The wedding invitation is usually the first peak your guests will have of your style as a couple and the style of the wedding hints to the formality – or lack thereof – of your wedding day. Obviously before you’ve gone online and chosen the right pocketfold invitation for sale you would have an idea of the type of event you are throwing whether that is elegant and classic or modern and glamourous. Browsing wedding stationery websites is your best beginning as you can get a good idea of what it is you want to project.
  • Colours of your wedding have probably been planned out since you were a child and watched Ariel get married to Eric on The Little Mermaid. Most couples choose to intertwine their colours into their invitations and reflect the colours as much as possible on the day as well through table decorations, chair covers and balloons. You can change something as little as the colour of the font to make your invites really pop out and look fantastic.
  • There is no fixed size and shape that you have to stick to when it comes to an invitation. There is a tradition of a rectangular card but some wedding invitations are more of a wedding booklet now because the event is more than just a ceremony for most. The wedding invite can sometimes include more than just the venue, date and time it can include everything down to the details of the flower fairies with lace skirts.
  • When you’re considering what information you include in the wedding invitation and choose your colours, make sure you can actually read the invite. You won’t be able to read white writing on a bright yellow invitation, for example. Make sure the text style is also legible as loopy script might look wonderful on a Disney DVD but older relatives don’t need the fancy writing to try and stare through. Neither do your younger guests. Making it easy to read will be better for you in the long run.
  • You may have already sent out save the date cards but if you haven’t, the wedding invite needs to go out around four to six months before the big day. Of course, most of the family and friends who matter will be long aware of the date and the proceedings but the rest of the wedding guests you plan to invite will need ample time to plan their lives around your day. Having a look at stationers a year before the wedding will mean that your invites are made perfectly and go out in good time for the event itself.

Choosing a wedding invitation style isn’t always the easiest thing to do but if you have clear ideas, take critiques and suggestions but stick to what you want. Don’t forget to order a little more than you need by two or three; your invitation will make an excellent framed gift! It’s your wedding and you’ll remember it forever.



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Training to be a Golf Caddy

Training to be a Golf Caddy

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016 in Blog |

A job in the sunshine, fresh air and countryside is something that a lot of people aspire to gain and if the main hobby or interest of the caddy is golf, all the better, it’s the perfect job! Being fit, have excellent eyesight and be okay with having weeks away from home at a time are all very important qualities to have. The more professional the player you caddy for, the longer you get to stay at home.

When we ask how you’d want to be a golf caddy we’re not talking about the electric golf caddies, we’re talking about people. Actual golf caddies who drag around forty to fifty pounds of clubs, bag and golf clothing and other accessories while watching other people play golf and sometimes it takes a lot to be a golf caddy! There are a lot of people out there who wish to pursue this and most caddies are former players who want to help others during their golf game. Talking money, caddies know that there’s a decent wage in being in their line of work. Resort caddying can actually earn $500-1000 a week in some resorts and most caddies start out young and work their way up from carrying their fathers bag and playing as much of the game as possible will also assist as the knowledge is priceless. Caddies need to know about the game so the rules from top to bottom. They cannot effectively caddy if unfamiliar with how golf should go. Caddies must conform to dress codes and be alert at all times as to what’s going on in the game.

Stamina and excellent health are of course imperative as caddies can walk miles every day. Caddies have to ensure they have everything they need for their team so knowing the weather and having the right clothes with them at that game is very important. Most importantly though they need to know their player inside and out. They need to read what they need and when as well as keep yardage books for all courses that will be played in the entire year. Something that a caddy will need is a golf cart or trolley and there are many companies out there that supply these. One such company can be found at and with over 50 years’ experience in the golfing business they know what they’re doing when it comes to golf trolleys. Choosing a golf cart or trolley is individual to the needs of the golfer and this is absolutely something that golf caddies should know. Having the best for their player is essential in their game and knowing their player’s next move is also meant to be second nature. Like many businesses, it’s about who you know and being in the game from a young age can be a leg up. Finding a young player who is on the way to golf stardom is always an excellent way in.

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A Guide to Your Reflection

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in Blog |

The trouble with mirrors is that they are brutally honest and some people go so far as to cover them up so that they don’t have to see their reflections and that is not fun. It doesn’t matter what you look like you should never allow the mirror to tell you that you are anything less than absolutely perfect! Mirrors tend to be not only in the bathroom but on hallway walls, bedroom dressing tables and usually you can find antique mirrors in the living room above a mantelpiece. Everyone out there who is anyone and who has a bathroom uses a mirror. Even the small bendy mirrors on the back of a spoon are used to check eye make up on a regular basis and if you’re into interior design you will know how important it is to have mirrors in the house. Mirrors create an illusion of space and light that may not have been there before. They allow rooms to look bigger than they are and if you’re into Google then you can find a decorative mirrors online which can then add a little embellishment and pizzazz to your home.


When you decorate your home adding mirrors through the house can reflect your intent to add space and light and choosing the right mirrors for each room can be rather difficult. Your mirror in your bathroom should never be too big, enough for viewing head and shoulders. The mirror in the bedroom is usually a floor length mirror so as to critique outfits before a night on the town but no matter which sized mirror you look in, you should make sure you look. Mirrors feature in all of our lives everywhere you go and before you can love the person in the mirror you have to love yourself. Yes, your mirrors reflect you but if you have zero self-confidence then that is what will shine. Roald Dahl once wrote that “if people had lovely thoughts they would shine out of their faces like sunbeams” and that is true! Being happy, self-confident and true to yourself will radiate. Dress in whatever makes you happy. Dance like no one is watching and make sure you watch yourself in the mirror while you do it because you certainly will be laughing then. There is only ever going to be one of you and your DNA is yours alone, you should study yourself in the mirror and also make sure that the mirrors you pick are appropriate for the room that they are chosen for. Bathroom cabinets tend to have mirrors as the doors so as to hide the usual medicine cabinet that is found behind them.

Living room mirrors always tend to have flowers nearby and reflecting any plant life or flowers in your home can actually make it look more nature-friendly and beautiful. Mirrored photo frames can have the added bonus of making little lights bounce around the room; incredibly pretty!


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A Guide to Choosing Wedding Stationery

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Blog |

Congratulations on your engagement and impending nuptials. There will be a lot to organise for the big day and one of the biggest things you need to organise is the date for your wedding. Your save the dates and other stationery need to pop! The most exciting parts of the wedding have been booked or outlined and your colour scheme has been chosen. You’ve got the ring and now you get to choose your UK wedding invites which are going to say to the world the type of wedding you’re about to have. You don’t have to have a huge budget to throw an amazingly elegant wedding, never forget that. You can have the most beautiful invitations and there are many kinds of invitations to consider for your day.

Engraved wedding invitations are the most formal and sophisticated types of wedding invitation and they always stimulate a vision of elegance and

Envelope, Information/Front card, RSVP card, return envelope, Field Guide. Materials 1. 4 Bar Envelopes in Paper Bag from Paper Source 2. #10 String and Button Envelopes in Paper Bag from Paper Source 3. Hand-made buttons 4. Red & White butcher's twine 5. Legal-sized white paper 6. 80# Kraft cover stock 7 80# White cover stock Blog post:

wealth. Budgets are generally no constraint when it comes to engraved invites as they can be quite expensive but that doesn’t mean there aren’t companies out there that are more cost effective. For a more elegant look, handmade bespoke wedding invites are an absolute winner as are handwritten invites: these are classic and simply graceful. Did you know you can get handwritten invitations done by professional calligraphers? Or if you’re on more of a budget for your wedding, you can learn to write calligraphy yourself and write them yourself at home. That can cut a budget right down to the bone and your invitations can still be beautiful and look expensive even if they’re not.

You can sort out your order of service template online and these can be, as above, engraved or handwritten. Engraved order of services are part of the expensive crowd and can be impressive and used later in frames as souvenirs or keepsakes from your big day. Handwritten order of service templates are again not really for formal weddings, but are personal and more intimate for a wedding. Framing these afterwards in open frames alongside the wedding invitation can be the ultimate keepsake for either parents or just to keep yourselves. The biggest day of your life can be the most stressful but it doesn’t have to be if you delegate. Every bride wants to do everything themselves but whatever your budget, it doesn’t mean you have to look after everything yourself. For the wealthier couples, allowing a company to both design and create your invitation can really take the strain out of that part of organising a wedding. For those who aren’t able to pay a company to do the entire process for them, delegating jobs to those trusty bridesmaids of yours can again, take the strain from you. Why think about the wedding invitations if you don’t have to? Ask for help where you can and allow others to help if they offer. W

hy be a stressed bride if you have amazing friends and family who want to help? And don’t forget! Send out your invites with plenty of time to spare so you get your RSVP back early enough to arrange your seating plans and inform your venue!



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Tips in Using A Leica Binoculars While Wearing Country Clothes For Men

Posted by on Sep 3, 2016 in Blog |

You decided to go out into the woods and look for some birds or any other woodland critters just to enjoy nature and watch life move around the world. There are a lot of other binoculars that can fill the role but why people prefer to use this type of brand, this Leica binocular? There are a lot of them because the brand Leica is famous and well known since the 1970s. You can find them in the malls or if you’re feeling lazy you search on the internet to just buy them online.  The Leica binoculars, according to some of the people who purchase them and tried them, are the best and reliable tools to use when you go out on your hunting trip or just plain bird watching.


Naturally you will be curious if you’ve never heard or try one of these Leica binoculars. But before you can go and get on yourself you need to know a bit about these binoculars. Like what are the best tips for using them? How do you handle them properly?

So by continue to read you will learn how to properly use your binoculars and handle them with care.

  • Leica binoculars may look like they weight a ton thanks to its size but they are surprisingly light so you don’t have to worry about carrying them in your hand and feel the weight of it. If you want to buy Leica binoculars you must be sure that they fit right into your hand, you really need to remember that if you buy the binoculars that are too big then it’s going to be a problem for your fingers.
  • When cleaning the lens, because they get smudge sometimes, you have to handle them very carefully because the lenses might break if too much force was exerted. It is important as well to handle the lenses delicately because you don’t want them to have a scratch on them, right? It might disrupt you view when you use the binoculars.
  • You don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping them and be worried that they break; the Leica binoculars are very durable and strong thanks to the material called magnesium plus with rubber that supports the brunt of the force when it falls.
  • If you want to clean your binoculars properly because it looks dirty, dusty or muddy then be sure to look up some research for its cleaning products because you don’t want to damage the lens with unnecessary cloth that doesn’t look when use in use.

After that lets proceed to your clothes. You can find some interesting, and unique country clothes for men at because they are offering you different varies of style and unique design. You really need to be prepared, especially you need to look the part as you go out and have fun outside. The clothes are the important thing to wear when going out in adventure, because you need to be bundle up nice and warm because you might be dealing with some cold weather from outside.


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Importance of having a water cooler and coffee maker in the office

Importance of having a water cooler and coffee maker in the office

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Blog |

A water cooler in your office is one the appliance that you need to have in your office space. The effect of dehydration and productivity with your work somehow affects the pace and at the same time makes you get sick. In order for this to not happened placing a water cooler such as in your very office is essential. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day prevents you from getting any sickness especially dehydration. How does this affect your work? If there is loss of water fluids in your body, you will basically experience loss of consciousness, body malaise, short term memory , pale skin and irritation. To clearly replenish is just by replacing the loss of the body. Volume per volume replacement. Drink plenty of water a day and it will keep you healthy and more productive in your work place.

Working hard a day would limit you from drinking water. Staying focus with work is fine but do not neglect your responsibility to yourself. If you want to be reminded there are ways for you to schedule yourself in replenishing your body. Perhaps reminding yourself using an alarm to drink water is one way, another is to write it on a sticky note put it in front where it is visible for you to be reminded always.

Another appliance that is important in the office is coffee maker such as You can not go wrong missing with coffee. Sometimes work can be very slow and you need to be energize and that is through drinking coffee. This drink stimulates your nerve cells and keeps your system awake for at least about 3 to 4 hours. While coffee take its full effect immediately do your job in a pace wherein you can consume all your needed energy. Thus making your work more productive. Coffee is also rich in anti oxidant and is produced by fresh beans made to perfection. Your coffee maker should comes hand in hand with coffee grinders as well. It is up to your preference.

The importance of these appliances in your office is to make things more easier and convenient in behalf of your employees. If you are aiming for a faster productivity will surely be done in no time. Your employees won’t have to excuse themselves in going out just to buy a little groceries like buying water, coffee and others sources that will sustain them throughout the days work. Now that you know the importance of having a coffee maker and a water cooler. What matters now is the maintenance of your appliances. Investing for such appliances are not cheap. In fact if you do not maintain it will it just like you are throwing money out of the trash bin. So it crucial that you keep them clean. Keep the area clean as well to prevent from any rodents that will crawl up to any of your appliances. Having a good working space environment will surely promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your employees.

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