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It is one thing to be experiencing the discomfort of sweating under the scorching heat and another to have to mind the frizzy effects of that all over your hair. Consider this for instance, hair managing techniques become easy to maneuver over time. You can allot a time to apply preventive care for your hair so the layers do not get puffed with the high humidity outside and then flatten when you go into an air conditioned room. You could opt to deal with this later, but the effects might already be too disparaging on your hair that you would just end up having to live with hair sticking out from wherever. Visit with hair professionals like that could arrange for you a regimen to better manage your hair and include make-up experts like to best accentuate a visage that will go so well with your hairstyle. You could also explore these styles that could get you to give your hair that all around weather protection.

Prep your hair with a spray to guard against humidity, just before heading out. You may take with you some clips, a dry shampoo and hair bun accessories of your preference.


If you are outdoors, select a hair style that you need. It can be your usual hair bun or other updo styles to your liking. Doing buns in small styles can free your neck of hair sticking to it and also minimizes tendency for your hair to get so lubricated with the heat. Accessorizing with a scarf around your neck not only proves to be aesthetically trendy, but also serves the purpose of soaking up all the perspiration that would gather on your nape and hair line.

For the indoor setting, you may be in your office or a mall, or wherever it is that may especially be air conditioned. If you have come from under the sun to straight into this setting, avoid untangling your hair straight away. You need to wait for your hair to dry or risk it going into frizzy mode. If you took along with you a hairdryer or you can get a hold of one where you are at, you can use it to expedite the hair drying. When your hair is free of moisture, only then you can start managing it. Flip your hair down and spray the dry shampoo that you brought with you. You can also use of a volume powder if you have and prefer it. Handle your hair roots, lifting them with the fingers. With these steps, you are already good and done. However, if you want to do more for your hair, you can use the hairdryer again and amply blow to your hair. While your hair is warm, take out those clips you also brought along and use them to roll your hair up into parts, forming curls. Allow your hair to cool again and then let loose and divine on how you just done a voluminous and radiant number on your hair.