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Types of car rentals

Posted by on Jan 4, 2017 in Shopping and services |

Understand that there are no rules found when it comes to selecting your car for your wedding day. Although deciding on it can be a bit tricky such as looking for the right bridal car provider such as is at the same time important because when choosing one, it tackles services that your provider offers for the big day. Below are suggestions on the types of bridal cars which can be fit for you such as the variety of choices that a wedding vehicle is based on your kind of wedding.

  • Going on vintage cars which are being manufactured during the year 1919 until 1930 are great choices especially if you are planning to have a vintage themed wedding.
  • Classical cars which are being manufactured during the 1940s up to the 1970s are not being produced On the other hand, there are other brands which are very well-known that is sometimes being restored according to the purpose or application of the event.
  • Having modern classic cars are known to be iconic vehicles because there are classical cars which are the best and can stand out like the Jaguar XK8R or the Ferrari Enzo. See here for modern cars

Furthermore, there are other suggestions for traditional weddings which can make use of rented cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley including classy limousines then for colorful themed weddings, having a Volkswagen Campervan is also an ideal selection. See here for choices

Additionally, the most important part of your car selection reflects on what kind of couple you both are. Often, there are guests who would determine to know the type of couple through judging their taste towards their bridal car. On the other hand, traditional couples tend to have their dibs on vintage cars while urbane couple sometimes prefers on a modern one. Anyway, the point here is you do not usually consider your car as an individual component, although there is part of the whole wedding it is.

On the other hand, brides who would rather stick to huge gowns need a spacious cabin. Remember to think about this first before viewing a specific car. Another, think on the length of the bride when she is inside the car because if it appears to be too crowded then sadly, she is unable to feel comfortable especially during long travel and certainly, you do not want that to happen. Be sure that the travel needs more than 15 minutes to feel comfort plus safety which are huge aspects to think about it. Also, check the car first before actually booking it.

Lastly, there are times when the parents of the bride want to accompany their daughter while on the way to the wedding venue, then it would be ideal if to know the feasibility of the vehicle or not. It’s either you try to book for a bridal car according to your choice, or you try to make some changes to your plans like going to the venue alone. An example for this has a classic seating arrangement which can accommodate 4 adults but still, is not needed.

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Contemporary Equestrian Paintings Is Well Liked by All

Posted by on Dec 21, 2016 in Shopping and services |

There are a lot of people who love Contemporary Horse Paintings, for they bring out the history of mankind’s battles for many years. It has also become apart of the story and apart of the culture that there are some works that have become so iconic. If you want to know where it all began, it could be traced back from a thousand of years. From the beginning, it all starts from the Tudors then all the way to the French, where many artists started to sprout out and take the concept and create their interpretation of the mighty steed.


Some view the horse as a battle horse, strong and powerful with its hind legs kicking; some artist sees the horse as innocent and pure that represents free-will. Others see the horse as apart of nature, with its beauty and grace. For whatever views that people see, they find the appeal of Contemporary Horse Paintings attractive. The can tell you that this kind of art has become so popular people started to buy them so that they can have it to decorate their homes or some certain areas where they can place them to view it.


The painting of the horse has been going around for the past 20th century. It has been used for expressionism, surrealism, and cubism. There are a lot of steeds that are depicted from different styles and forms;everyone has their unique style of interpreting the great beast. Although horses rarely become part of a historical theme, only the ones that are well known and iconic, it has become well liked because of beauty alone.

But why people love the idea of a horse? Well, there are all sorts of reasons as to why the horse is perfect for art.

  1. It is because of their beauty.
  2. The theme; such as cowboy, and war.
  3. The meaning behind the horse.


There are a lot of people who love the art, the concept of it because it has become a huge big deal to the artist and the art history that it has become important.  So, naturally, the need to preserve and to collect this art is strong. They want to protect and save it. They wish the world to see the world that they see in their own eyes, so artist paints. And that includes the Contemporary Horse Paintings. People have their views and opinions, and they are entitled to express them. The Contemporary Horse Paintings is apart of the circle. You can see it as it is, or if you prefer to go deeper, then you can see the whole bigger picture instead. For there’s a lot more to a horse than just standing there, look pretty. The value behind it is the work and the emotions that bring this art to life. People wish to have that because they cannot capture beauty.

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How to Match the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Shopping and services |

Have you ever noticed that when you want to wear jewelry to match your dress for a formal party, you often feel that something is not adding up? That is because your jewelry of choice does not match with the dress that you are wearing. In weddings, brides also have to face this dilemma – choosing the right jewelry to add that unique touch to their wedding dress.

One of the parts of your wedding dress that affects the kind of jewelry you choose to wear it with is its neckline. Here are some tips from to help you define the right jewelry to go with the kind of neckline that your wedding dress has.

Strapless or sweetheart neckline

For this kind of silhouette, it is best that you go with a choker. This will direct the watcher’s eye to your smile, not to mention it will also create height. This necklace style is now making its way back into the fashion industry and will look timeless in this kind of neckline.

You also have another option to go with this neckline. Rather than wear a necklace, you better go with chandelier earrings. Pull the hair off the shoulders and add some fresh flowers to it. You can also make use of simple embellishment as long as it looks good with your look. Since the decolletage is your focal point, you want the pieces worn there to stand out, but at the same time, you should not hesitate to wear a smaller cocktail ring, bangle or bracelet to put some balance.

Macro photo of wedding rings


This style is designed for decorating the decolletage. Go for a pendant or choker. Or you can also layer both if they are delicate pieces. Pair up your earrings with a necklace, which can either be dangling or small, whichever you prefer that suits your hairstyle.

Halter or the reverse

If you have the halter top or the reverse one, focus accessorizing on the hair by putting it up with vines, combs or pins. Let your creativity out by combining different styles, whether this is floral, sleek or bejeweled. Do you want to go for the retro vibe? Go for the birdcage veil with a few embellishments as well. If you want to add something a little extra, try going for the cocktail ring or bracelet.

There are two other tips that you need to keep in mind when you are out choosing for an accessory or two to put up finishes with your wedding gown. One is to keep yourself on guard by not letting you get overwhelmed. Many brides admit that it seems more difficult for them to choose jewelry than choosing a wedding gown. Go for something simpler if you are still in doubt such as pearls or diamond studs since they are always classy. Two, make sure that you are comfortable with what you wear. It will reflect in the eyes of the bride that they are not comfortable with what they wear, so always choose one that you feel it is the right one for you.

For more information, visit

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Why Ponies Are a Good Pet At Home

Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Shopping and services |

Most of the common pets we have at home are dogs, cats, and rabbits. These are friendly animals which are easy to train and playful in nature. But there are other unique pets that are good to have at home. An example of these is horses of a small breed. Falabella and Shetlands are now considered to be a part of the family. Yes, they are now domesticated as pets and allowed to play with the kids. And having them at home would make your kids weekends enjoyable and full of fun. Here are reasons why you should consider having this pet in your home.

  • Intelligent and highly trainable. Ponies and horses of Shetlands and Falabella breeds are known to be smart and trainable. The best time to train them is in their early age as they are very adaptive to what their master is teaching them. And having them for your kids would give great fun as they will be training little horses for themselves while playing. Check out here to view small breed horses
  • Playful with people. Shetlands and Falabella are playful in nature. They love to trot and play with kids. Apart from that they are already trained on their early age to ride with kids so having them at home wouldn’t cause any trouble for your loved ones.
  • Can be kept either indoor or outdoor. This small breed of horses can be kept inside your place. Since they are highly trainable, you can easily teach them where to eat their food and discharge their wastes. Shetlands and Falabella can also be stationed outside your house. You can put them in the yard or in a small horse house where there are designated places for their food and them to release their wastes. Click here to view a site that sells Shetlands and Falabella

Good Horse

  • Can be used for the purpose of therapeutic horseback riding. These are good too for kids who are suffering from anxiety, depression, dementia, ADHD and those that have genetic disorders. And playing with them is a good treatment that promotes emotional and physical growth to your children.
  • Friendly with kids. Unlike other pets domesticated at home, Shetlands and Falabella are friendly with kids. They don’t bite like dogs or scratch like cats. However, you still need to monitor their activities on the first few weeks from the time you bought them to make sure they will not cause any harm to your children. Though they are small, these breeds of horses are heavy. So guidance from parents is still needed.
  • Serve as guide animal at home. These small horses have the same purpose as that of dogs, though they don’t bark like the latter. Shetlands and Falabella are considered to be guide animals which could help those blind individuals.
  • Can easily adapt to its environment. Shetlands and Falabella are very adaptable. They could easily blend with their environment in just a week or two especially when they are brought at home at their early age.

Small bred horses are now domesticated because of their friendly ability to interact with humans. Having them at home would be a good investment, as they could be your kids’ play buddy and a good chum to promote their emotional and physical health. Apart from that, Shetlands and Falabella are intelligent pets. They could easily adapt with their environment and with their daily routines. These small horses are highly trainable. So if your kids would love to join them on horse shows, that is very manageable to do. Hence, these things are good points for you to consider on having them in your place.


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Top 5 Wedding Invitation Tips

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Blog |

Choosing your wedding invitations can be a difficult task because your wedding day is a day you have been dreaming about since forever. It’s exciting and organising your wedding invitations can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t organised a wedding or anything as big as a wedding before. Taking steps to making your wedding invites beautiful needs structure so in this article we’ve put together some helpful tips for you to do the best for your day.


  • The wedding invitation is usually the first peak your guests will have of your style as a couple and the style of the wedding hints to the formality – or lack thereof – of your wedding day. Obviously before you’ve gone online and chosen the right pocketfold invitation for sale you would have an idea of the type of event you are throwing whether that is elegant and classic or modern and glamourous. Browsing wedding stationery websites is your best beginning as you can get a good idea of what it is you want to project.
  • Colours of your wedding have probably been planned out since you were a child and watched Ariel get married to Eric on The Little Mermaid. Most couples choose to intertwine their colours into their invitations and reflect the colours as much as possible on the day as well through table decorations, chair covers and balloons. You can change something as little as the colour of the font to make your invites really pop out and look fantastic.
  • There is no fixed size and shape that you have to stick to when it comes to an invitation. There is a tradition of a rectangular card but some wedding invitations are more of a wedding booklet now because the event is more than just a ceremony for most. The wedding invite can sometimes include more than just the venue, date and time it can include everything down to the details of the flower fairies with lace skirts.
  • When you’re considering what information you include in the wedding invitation and choose your colours, make sure you can actually read the invite. You won’t be able to read white writing on a bright yellow invitation, for example. Make sure the text style is also legible as loopy script might look wonderful on a Disney DVD but older relatives don’t need the fancy writing to try and stare through. Neither do your younger guests. Making it easy to read will be better for you in the long run.
  • You may have already sent out save the date cards but if you haven’t, the wedding invite needs to go out around four to six months before the big day. Of course, most of the family and friends who matter will be long aware of the date and the proceedings but the rest of the wedding guests you plan to invite will need ample time to plan their lives around your day. Having a look at stationers a year before the wedding will mean that your invites are made perfectly and go out in good time for the event itself.

Choosing a wedding invitation style isn’t always the easiest thing to do but if you have clear ideas, take critiques and suggestions but stick to what you want. Don’t forget to order a little more than you need by two or three; your invitation will make an excellent framed gift! It’s your wedding and you’ll remember it forever.



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Training to be a Golf Caddy

Training to be a Golf Caddy

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016 in Blog |

A job in the sunshine, fresh air and countryside is something that a lot of people aspire to gain and if the main hobby or interest of the caddy is golf, all the better, it’s the perfect job! Being fit, have excellent eyesight and be okay with having weeks away from home at a time are all very important qualities to have. The more professional the player you caddy for, the longer you get to stay at home.

When we ask how you’d want to be a golf caddy we’re not talking about the electric golf caddies, we’re talking about people. Actual golf caddies who drag around forty to fifty pounds of clubs, bag and golf clothing and other accessories while watching other people play golf and sometimes it takes a lot to be a golf caddy! There are a lot of people out there who wish to pursue this and most caddies are former players who want to help others during their golf game. Talking money, caddies know that there’s a decent wage in being in their line of work. Resort caddying can actually earn $500-1000 a week in some resorts and most caddies start out young and work their way up from carrying their fathers bag and playing as much of the game as possible will also assist as the knowledge is priceless. Caddies need to know about the game so the rules from top to bottom. They cannot effectively caddy if unfamiliar with how golf should go. Caddies must conform to dress codes and be alert at all times as to what’s going on in the game.

Stamina and excellent health are of course imperative as caddies can walk miles every day. Caddies have to ensure they have everything they need for their team so knowing the weather and having the right clothes with them at that game is very important. Most importantly though they need to know their player inside and out. They need to read what they need and when as well as keep yardage books for all courses that will be played in the entire year. Something that a caddy will need is a golf cart or trolley and there are many companies out there that supply these. One such company can be found at and with over 50 years’ experience in the golfing business they know what they’re doing when it comes to golf trolleys. Choosing a golf cart or trolley is individual to the needs of the golfer and this is absolutely something that golf caddies should know. Having the best for their player is essential in their game and knowing their player’s next move is also meant to be second nature. Like many businesses, it’s about who you know and being in the game from a young age can be a leg up. Finding a young player who is on the way to golf stardom is always an excellent way in.

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